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Urbanautica, centro studi sull’antropologia visuale e i paesaggi culturali in collaborazione con Ragusa Foto Festival lancia la nuova Call dedicata al tema della decima edizione, l’Armonia.
I progetti vincitori verranno esposti a Palazzo Cosentini (Ragusa Ibla) dal 21 luglio al 28 agosto 2022

Urbanautica Institute is pleased to collaborate again in the new edition of the Ragusa Foto Festival, in Italy. We want to select some projects to be included in the program from 21 July to 28 August. The theme of the tenth edition of the Sicilian festival is harmony.
A term that originally meant a consonance of voices or instruments; a pleasing combination of simultaneous chords, today it is used more generally to describe an engaging juxtaposition of verses, words, colors, movements, gestures, and styles.
Harmony is more associated with humans than the symbiosis that relates more to nature and ecosystems. And for this reason, it sometimes connotes the relationships between individuals or within the family. Or between social or ethnic groups, even nations. Therefore, this word is often imbued with positivism, as if it were a goal, a necessary point of balance. Sometimes projecting beyond, we speak of cosmic or universe harmony, with an almost spiritual if not religious ambition.
Sicily, for centuries a crossroads of cultures and forms of artistic expression, can still draw inspiration from the idea of ​​harmony. To celebrate the tenth anniversary, the Festival wishes to welcome projects and visions capable of creatively representing opportunities for meaning and the possibility of reconciliation between the multiple challenges of society. Coexistence between peoples, environments, minorities, ethnic groups, nations, and geopolitical entities. The reduction of inequalities through the emancipation of roles and inclusivity. The coexistence between the search for well-being, the fear of uncertainty, and the uncontrolled impetus of technology. The environmental crisis and the growing unhealthiness of the planet and unequal deployment of its non-renewable resources. The giant phenomena of urbanization accentuate the territorial gaps, fueling migratory processes and ecological imbalances. These are just some of the overwhelming emergencies that photography can face, favoring opportunities for dialogue, knowledge, study, sharing seeds culture.


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